What is CoreTween?

CoreTween is a free, high performance, small footprint, smooth, extendible, Object Oriented and easy to use tweening engine for the Flash Platform. CoreTween currently supports the following platforms and programming languages:

  • Flash Player 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10
  • ActionScript 1
  • ActionScript 2 (both Adobe Flash and MTASC compilers)
  • ActionScript 3 (including Adobe Flex 2+)
  • haXe (both Flash and Flash9)

Why CoreTween?

CoreTweens goal is to be simple and uncomplicated. CoreTween is meant to be good at one single thing, and that is tweening. CoreTween does not try to solve every possible problem. CoreTween tries to provide you with a low overhead and high performance tweening engine which gives you a solid and reliable foundation to power the tweens that power your applications.

Benefits of CoreTween

  • High performance - CoreTween's simple, yet effective, design gives its low latency engine as little overhead as possible therefore reducing CPU overhead and increasing overall application performance.
  • Small footprint - CoreTween's footprint is small, adding only about 4Kb to your SWF file depending on the implementation language you choose to use.
  • Smooth - That's right. CoreTween lets you decide what type of rendering you prefer for every individual tween. CoreTween supports frame based and time based rendering giving you total control over the smoothness vs performance issues.
  • Extendable - CoreTween allows you to easily create new effects (e.g. animated filters) by implementing your own ideas and plugging them straight back into CoreTween. You can even share your effects with others or use effects created by other people.
  • Opject Oriented design - CoreTween stays away from a monolithic design architecture. Giving you the choice which parts of CoreTween your application needs. By only including just the basic and necessary tweening capabilities you can drasticly reduce the footprint of your application.
  • Easy to use - All of this comes in a package that's easy to use. You'll be up and running in no time with no need for global initializations of any kind. Also keep in mind that CoreTween tries to implements a unified interface over all the languages it supports. This means e.g. that if you use both Actionscript 2 and Actionscript 3 that there will be hardly any differences in using CoreTween.
  • Free - Thats right! CoreTween is absolutly free of charge. There is no money involved and no other obligations of any kind.